Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cute Babydoll Dress

Kod Item : BW03 - BOOKED BY EINA
Size : Free Size (Fix to M/L - Strechable)
Color: As A Picture Above
Item: Used Item (Worn for 1 times only)
Condition : Excellent
Price : RM40.00 (including postage)
*Can wear it with inner / legging / cardigan + belt*


  1. sis..dress ni sgt cantek n menarik la sis....

  2. sis dah ade yg book dress ni tak?
    if xde sy cam nk book..
    tp takmo amik dlm waktu terdekat...mayb next month...bley ker sis???

  3. belum ade lagi... if nak booked, bley bayar deposit dulu ok... plz leave ur email to azniza_azhar@yahoo.co.uk tq